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Moffett forklift tyres for important brick, tile and turf deliveries.

Moffett tyres are not something you think too much about until you are out in the middle of nowhere making a delivery and you have a flat! If one of the three tyres on this machine fails, your day is not going to go as planned…

SOLIDEAL have a great range of highly durable SKS tyres to suit these machines offering benefits of sidewall protection and self cleaning lugs. Perfect for brick transporters and turf carters!

Most Common sizes for Moffett M4, & M8 model standard tyre replacements are

  • 23×8.50-12 – available in SOLIDEAL Xtra SKS & Hauler SKS 6 or 12 ply.
  • 27×10-12 – available in  SOLIDEAL Xtra SKS 14 ply.


For more traction you could try: Carlisle Tru Power Lug

For less soil disturbance you could try: Carlisle Multi Trac C/S

Got a damaged wheel? No problems, Bearcat manufactures wheels right here in Sydney to suit all models!

Flatproof Moffett Tyres and  Save Headaches and Costly Downtime

Many equipment operators choose to have their tyres poly filled to make them flat free. This eliminates the headaches and cost of having a flat tyre when you are out making deliveries. Custom fill, such as our popular Arnco Superflex 8 durox, replaces the air in your tyres making them 100% flat free!

For detailed specifcations of MOFFETT truck-mounted forklifts go to: www.hiab.com/en/global/products/Truck-mounted-forklifts/MOFFETT/Products-moffett/selected-brand-moffett/