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Mobile Large Tyre Fitting Service (CEMS Truck)

Since 1973, Bearcat Tyres Pty Ltd has been recognised as Australia’s premier material handling tyre fitting service provider. We know the different types of equipment and their applications inside and out. Organic growth in our business has lead us to having the ability to supply larger OTR tyres for various applications including port service, industrial service, earthmoving and mining.

We are commited to continuing our high standards in the industry and in doing so we have invested in a number of brand new custom designed and built large tyre handling trucks for a safe and fast service of large O.T.R tyres and wheels. This allows us to strip, check and fit new tyres and wheels up to 3 meters in diameter.

Isuzu 10 tonne truck was used as the base frame, augmented with:

  • An imported Stellar crane with tyre-hand able to lift 2,100 kilos
  • A heavy-duty compressor (46CFM @ 175 PSI)
  • Hydraulic 50 tonne jacks
  • Air-over hydraulic Porta-power and bead breaker
  • Heavy duty steel body with pull-out drawers and safe storage facilities
  • A full compliment of workshop tools
  • Hella high intensity work lights on the crane and work area, safety beacons and witches cones to secure a safe working area.

This service is now available in NSW & S.A. To book a job please call:

NSW: 02 9688 8888 or S.A: 08 8262 8699

More information available via the CATALOGUE page